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Experienced contract negotiation lawyers

When it comes to negotiating a contract, experience matters. A contract, much like a house, is only as strong as its foundation. By proactively engaging our knowledgeable counsel, we help you protect your business from damaging litigation or breaches of contract resulting from a poorly negotiated contract. Having the advice of a lawyer who has courtroom experience with contract cases can make the difference between a binding agreement and a document not worth the paper on which it is printed. At Bruce Stone LLP, we have the experience to know where the pitfalls lie and can give you an in-depth analysis as to how contractual provisions may be interpreted by the court. Our attorneys have been helping businesses of all sizes and types negotiate international sales agreements, licensing agreements, distributor agreements, non-disclosure agreements (NDA), and more.


Expert contract drafters

Contractual agreements are the heart of every business. From basic contracts for daily vendor operations to more complex agreements with joint venture partners, virtually every facet of your business hinges upon contracts and your ability to negotiate appropriate terms and conditions. Our team of lawyers is experienced in contract law and focus on your unique business objectives and legal needs to help you succeed.

Our lawyers often work with large corporations as well as start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs to create contracts from scratch based on the particular needs of the business. Our law firm may also tailor existing contracts for more general use, or review and improve current business agreements and legal contracts. The following are just a few of the areas we may be able to help you:

  • International sales contracts
  • Distribution agreements
  • Intellectual property transfer agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements (aka Non-Disclosure Agreements)
  • Internet and E-Commerce
  • Employee non-compete agreements


Electronic Commerce and Internet Law

Bruce Stone attorneys have in-depth knowledge and experience in a broad spectrum of electronic commerce and Internet issues from online contracts, privacy protection, online protection and resolution of Intellectual Property, electronic banking and payment, and online dispute resolution. We assist and represent individuals and corporations in protecting their rights in the virtual world. We also provide services and consultation on developing your businesses online and designing and customizing your business and legal strategy in every aspects of electronic commerce. Our specialties includes:

  • Electronic contracts
  • Online trademark infringement resolution
  • Online copyright protection and infringement resolution
  • Online privacy law compliance
  • Electronic banking and payment systems
  • Spam law
  • Online dispute resolution


Environmental Law Compliance

Bruce Stone attorneys have unique expertise and experience in assisting international corporations with complying with state electronic waste laws in the United States. The regulation of electronic waste has become a primary concern of state legislatures. Given the complexity of different state programs, understanding these regulations and organizing your business accordingly is key to your success in the US market. We have represented domestic and foreign corporations in negotiating with state agencies, developing business strategies, and complying with different state programs. Bruce Stone can assist your business with navigating this complex regulatory environment.


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Intellectual Property


USPTO Filings


We work directly with foreign firms in filing applications for patents and trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). When you use our filing services, you are given access to our secure online system giving you timely and accurate tracking of every application you file with us. Additionally, notices from the USPTO are immediately made available to you via our online system. If you are a local firm, fill out the Contact Us form on this page and we will contact you directly. 


Anti-counterfeiting & Anti-piracy

Our teams have extensive experience in combatting counterfeit goods. We pride ourselves in providing practical and realistic advice to our clients. We help you identify product streams that require urgent attention and design a campaign tailored to local requirements wherever you operate.

  • Management of local, regional or global enforcement programs. We can assist you in coordinating and monitoring multijurisdictional enforcement strategies.

  • Customs recordals and border enforcement. We can assist you in notifying customs about trademarks and other IP rights through customs recordals systems. We can also train local customs and other enforcement authorities to strengthen procedures for detecting and stopping the movement of infringing goods.

  • Pre-litigation services. We have distinguished ourselves by providing pre-litigation strategies aimed to mitigate or forego altogether the need to seek relief through costly and often ineffective formal court proceeding in the local jurisdiction. On-the-ground intelligence regarding the counterfeiting activity is paramount to forming a effective combative strategy and we excel above other firms in providing this type of service. In addition, we can provide you with traditional services such as sending cease-and-desist letters, obtaining settlements, and issuing takedown notices to stop infringers online. 

  • Litigation. We can assist you in obtaining restraining orders, injunctive relief, orders for the destruction of fake goods and other measures, as well as prosecute infringers and other parties.


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US Litigation


US Supreme Court

We are trial lawyers who have appeared in state and federal courts and before international arbitrators and mediators. We have tried cases to verdict – and have experience in utilizing technology to efficiently handle extensive document production. We also understand that going to trial often is not in a company’s best interest. Each of our clients has individual business goals that require varying litigation techniques. Therefore, we work closely with in-house counsel to develop a strategy – from strategic settlement to mediation to trying the case – that best fits the client’s unique needs.


Depth of Experience

  • Litigators who try complex cases to verdict in state and federal courts
  • Wide-ranging experience with alternative dispute resolution and strategic settlements
  • Ability to develop integrated legal strategies that support our clients’ business objectives


Working with our Clients
Our litigation team is dedicated to increasing the experience and familiarity of our clients’ in-house counsel with our litigation defenses and strategies. Our team customizes programs for each client based on their specific needs. We collaborate with clients and co-counsel to build a unified litigation approach.

We can:

  • Educate counsel on plaintiff strategies and defenses in a given case, the IP involved, including the use of outside consultants where appropriate
  • Provide trial preparation and training on document collection, retention and management, as needed
  • Conduct training for company witnesses on the mechanics and subtleties of providing effective and appropriate deposition and trial testimony


Lean Staffing
We pride ourselves on avoiding overstaffing. Our legal team works closely with locally licensed litigators to reduce costs of lawyer travel time in attending motion hearings, depositions, meetings and other court appearances


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